Download The Reagan Revolution and the Developing Countries (1980-1990) A Seminal Decade For Predicting The World Economic Future ePub/PDF/Kindle books

This is a book about the reagan revolutiion and the developing countries. It shows why the years (1980-1990) were critical in determining the global economic future. The first chapter is how to think about the future. the second chapter is about growth economic and human capital. the third chapter is about development economc the forth chapter is about the world economy from charlemagne to the present. The fifth chapter is about the reagan revolution. Our book is unique because no other book in our opinion has accurately decribed just how important the developing world was in reagan administration policy in our 1979 japanese book ''world economy/big prediction'' the book upon which this book was based, we predicted that in the early 21th century the developing countries would be growing rapidly even as the developed countries stagnated.
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