Download Last-Minute Kitchen Secrets: 128 Ingenious Tips to Survive Lumpy Gravy, Wilted Lettuce, Crumbling Cake, and Other Cooking Disasters ePub/PDF/Kindle books

   Your guests are arriving in a half hour, and your dinner has taken a turn for the worse. The lettuce has wilted, the gravy’s lumpy, and the pie crust has burned! Time for takeout? Not if you have Joey Green’s Last-Minute Kitchen Secrets. This book contains more than a hundred helpful hacks to avoid and salvage cooking disasters, store and prepare ingredients, keep appliances running smoothly, and clean cookware. These simple, ingenious tips may sound quirky at first, but they really do work.
   The book also includes food-based folk remedies, sidebars with fascinating kitchen trivia, and unconventional recipes. Dishwasher salmon anyone?
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